Professional Development for Women and Minorities

Mastering Winning Test Taking Strategies

September 17, 2020

BEYA 2020

Mastering Winning Test Taking Strategies
Jerrod Henderson - Instructional Associate Professor - University of Houston
Nicole Toler - Electrical Engineering Manager - Raytheon Company
Cheryl Moo-Young - Executive Director, Business Transformation Office - DTCC
Learning Objective: Investigate test-taking skills to achieve higher assessment scores Being prepared for tests is not an easy process.


Even if you are prepared, tests can still make you feel anxious. Why is being a good test taker so important in college? In colleges and universities, much of a student’s grades are based on quiz and test performance. Doing well on these tests is typically a major indicator of your subject matter knowledge and a good indicator of how you would perform in the workplace. Having good test scores will jumpstart your career. In this seminar, we will address test-taking and test preparation tips and strategies for college-level tests. Applying helpful test-taking and test preparation skills addressed in this seminar, such as writing down everything you remember, reading the directions, browsing the test questions, putting together a plan, and making an educated guess, will teach you how to prepare for and perform well on any test so that you feel confident that you’re bringing your testing A game.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. Review the factors that limit achieving higher college assessment scores.
  2. Identify practices for dealing with test anxiety.
  3. Measure the validity of current test-taking methods.
  4. Generate more efficient techniques for improving assessment scores.


Slideshare Presentation: Mastering Winning Test Taking Strategies

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