Professional Development for Women and Minorities

Re-Engaging Employees: Getting Your Team Back On Track

July 23, 2020

BEYA 2020


Re-Engaging Employees: Getting Your Team Back On Track


Regina Evans - Engineering Program Manager - NetApp

Shanquetha (Shawn) Caggins - Area Manager Outside Plant Planning & Engineering Design - AT&T Technology Operations

Nicole Denson - Consumer Lending Portfolio Planning Transformation Lead - JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Learning Objective: Discuss methods for increasing team productivity

Research has shown that there are a lot of reasons why employees leave a company, including burnout, boredom, less recognition, conflicts in the workplace, etc.
Employee retention can save a company thousands of dollars and improve company morale. Working with your team on tasks such as brainstorming can show creativity, ranking their attributes can help you complement their strengths, and discussing employee career goals can add a lot of value to the project as it allows the team to flourish and meet company goals. This leads to employee satisfaction and feeling rewarded in their work and, most of all, appreciated. Making work fun and identifying accomplishments cures disengagement in the workplace.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify factors that lead to employee disengagement.
  2. Devise methods to engage employees and increase creativity and productivity.
  3. Classify employee strengths to complement task assignments and discuss career goals.
  4. Share methods for keeping employees engaged and feeling appreciated.

Slideshare Presentation: Re-Engaging Employees

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